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NETS 2003 Symposium



The first NETS symposium was held May 9-10, 2003. The symposium was sponsored by the U.S. Army Engineer Institute of Water Resources (IWR). The objectives of the symposium were: 1) to inform academic participants of current Corps processes and methodologies and Corps understanding of possible improvements; 2) to develop a shared view of “improved" inland navigation economic evaluation techniques; 3) to identify and prioritize a list of research tasks necessary to bridge the gap between current practice and desired future; and 4) to Identify a defendable peer review process for evaluation of tools and methodologies to be used by the research effort. The following were some of the items and studies reviewed during the symposium:

Symposium Agenda (46 KB, doc)

NETS Symposium Briefing by Keith Hofseth (61 KB, ppt)

NETS Overview by Keith Hofseth (34KB, ppt)

Navigation Economics/Corps Practice by Paul Hanley (3.1 MB, ppt)

Data Availability and Needs by Dave Weekly (1.5 MB, ppt)

Waterway Systems

Generic Characteristics of Most Corps Waterway Models by Rich Manguno (39 KB, ppt)



Reviewed 20 June 2016

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