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Peer Review Process

The peer review process is one of the cornerstones of the NETS program, providing a “reality check” to ensure that each NETS study is of the highest quality and credibility.

Every NETS study is thoroughly reviewed by the NETS team of Corps and academic experts. Select studies, which represent important foundations for future work or analysis are thoroughly reviewed by an outside team of independent, academic experts. These experts ensure, among other things, that each study is computationally accurate and consistent with theory. The researchers must address any issues that are identified before the study can be finalized.

Each of these peer reviewers are experts in the subject matter being reviewed and have no direct interest in the outcomes. Review documents produced by the process include:

  • Study Purpose and Objectives Statement
  • Summary of Conclusions
  • Summary Review Statement on Validity and Quality of Findings
  • Individual Comments and Issues for Resolution

When a NETS product is ready for independent review, IWR submits to the contractor the item to be reviewed with a suggested list of the technical expertise required to properly review the item. The contractor then selects up to three independent reviewers from the list that have the appropriate technical expertise. The number of reviewers selected is determined by IWR and reflects both budgetary considerations and the level of importance the item has to the overall program. To the extent possible, reviewers are selected randomly from the set or subset of reviewers that have credentials in the necessary specialty area.

The contractor then manages the review process. Comments are provided to IWR anonymously. IWR knows neither the names of the reviewer selected nor the author of any comment provided. IWR then communicates the review comments to the project team for review response. IWR has the option of selecting a specific reviewer. When this is done it is part of the review process documentation.

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Reviewed 20 June 2016

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