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Fact Sheet

Navigation System Simulation Model



Start Date:  Jun 2005

End Date:
 Sep 2009






Problem Addressed:  

The Waterways Analysis Model is currently the most procedurally developed lock simulation model used by the Corps. However, the WAM is limited in several regards. It is a difficult model to use, which is being addressed by another NETS project (WAM BPP). More importantly, the WAM is written in a proprietary language which makes it difficult to understand and revise; it is not well suited to analysis of a system of locks; it is not well suited for analysis of shipper and carrier behavior in reaction to disruptive lock closures; it is not well suited for analysis of various traffic management schemes; it does not include engineering reliability modules; and it cannot optimize navigation system investments and management actions.





NaSS is intended to be the most advanced navigation system simulation tool available to the Corps and general public.




The work effort will lead to better decisions regarding navigation system improvements and management through the use of a model that better simulates real world operations and traffic management actions.






To date the team has accomplished the following: A procedure to extract, transform, and load Lock Performance Monitoring System warehouse data has been developed and implemented. This results in a NaSS LPMS schema which serves as the primary data source to the NaSS. The BasinSym model is complete. This model serves as the fundamental simulation kernal upon which all simulated systems can be built. Two tiers of lock processing have been completed and the third tier, the most detailed level of lock processing, will be completed and integrated into the BasinSym by June 2009.



Contract Data:

A1310; 130465, W1010, W1030, C3300



Paper by Mark Lisney, September 2005 (43 KB, pdf)

Design Document by Dr. Richard M. Males, Feb 5, 2006 (457 KB, pdf)

Report by Paul Schonfeld, Shiaaulir Wang, Apr 17,2006 (494 KB, pdf)

Design Document Review Comment by Design Document Reviewers, May 1,2006 (236 KB, pdf)

DD Comments and Responses by Various NaSS Team Members, Jul 27,2006 (261 KB, pdf)

Announcement by NETS Team, Feb 12,2007 (15 KB, pdf)

Report by Shiaaulir Wang, Ning Yang, Paul Schonfeld, Jun 18,2007 (677 KB, pdf)

Update by Mark Lisney, Sep 18,2007 ( 51 KB, pdf)

Presentation by Mark Lisney, Sep 20,2007 (463 KB, ppt)

Presentations and MFR by NaSS Team, Dec 12,2007 ( 8.0 MB, zip)

Instructions by Mark Lisney, Feb 20,2008 ( 1.2 MB, pdf)

Sofware by Mark Lisney, Feb 20,2008 ( 12 KB, zip)

Sofware by Mark Lisney, Feb 20,2008 (265 KB, zip)


Products (Bookshelf/Toolbox):

Report by Dr. Richard Males, Jul 12,2006 (787 KB, pdf)

Report by Shiaaulir Wang and Paul Schonfeld, Nov 7,2006 (596 KB, pdf)



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Revised 01 May 2012

Source: Navigation Economic Technologies Program

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