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Fact Sheet

Lock Reliability



Start Date:  Oct 2004

End Date:
 Sep 2005






Problem Addressed:  

Corps planners must prioritize maintenance activities and construction work on the nation’s locks and dams to ensure that the available dollars are used to the maximum effect on projects with the greatest need or the greatest potential return on investment. In order to do this reliable data is needed.





This study is the first step in a planned multi-phase effort aimed at improving the level of data available related to maintenance projects for the nations locks and dams. The study will examine lock unavailability and processing delay times on the Upper Mississippi River in 2003. The study also will look at age and rehabilitation related lock characteristics. Finally, the study team will cross-check and verify data and describe “level of confidence” in the data.




This study will lay the groundwork for future efforts aimed at developing better and more complete data related to the repair and maintenance of the nation’s locks and dams. Ultimately, this research will help Corps planners understand the costs and benefits of maintenance and construction projects on the nation’s locks and dams. This will enable to Corps to better prioritize projects and mitigate the effects of construction-related closures.








Contract Data:

120171, A1200




Products (Bookshelf/Toolbox):

Report by The Planning Center of Expertise for Inland Navigation, September 2005 (3.26 MB, pdf)



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Revised 23 Sep 2011

Source: Navigation Economic Technologies Program

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