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Fact Sheet

Great Lakes Reliability Study



Start Date:  Oct 2005

End Date:
 Sep 2008






Problem Addressed:  

Funding constraints have impeded efforts to complete necessary maintenance activities on harbor channels and associated infrastructure on the Great Lakes. Corps planners must prioritize maintenance activities and construction work to ensure that the available dollars are used to the maximum effect on projects with the greatest need or the greatest potential return on investment. In order to do this, reliable data and models are needed to efficiently and effectively measure project performance. In the Great Lakes the data readily available for review is often lacking in sufficiency to make informed decisions. In the near term, this initiative will seek to develop the data sources and methods necessary to develop more consistent, more complete and more robust estimates of Great Lake navigation project benefits and costs. The longer-term goal is to work through the CXIN with the Institute for Water Resources (IWR) and Transport Canada in developing non-traditional benefit estimates, state-of-the art and current engineering cost projections, and more robust system investment prioritization models.





The objectives of this study include the development of methods to evaluate and prioritize proposed budgeted Great Lake harbors maintenance activities to include channel dredging and breakwater and jetty repair and rehabilitation. The study will also examine shoaling rates, variable lake levels, vessel characteristics, vessel costs, harbor, lock and connecting channel depths, age and rehabilitation-related shore protection structure characteristics. A computer model will be developed to easily assess the economic consequences of maintaining harbor channels based on transportation cost differences using harbor current shipping data.




The Great Lakes Reliability Study will improve the level of data available related to harbor maintenance projects in the Great Lakes and develop tools to assess the risk and reliability of harbor components.






Phase 1 in process. Phase 2 not yet initiated



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Revised 23 Sep 2011

Source: Navigation Economic Technologies Program

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