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Container Model and Analysis: Longer Term Analysis of Infrastructure Demands and Risks



Start Date:  Nov 2005

End Date:
 Mar 2007






Problem Addressed:  

One of the fastest growing sectors in the world and North American shipping industry is container shipments. Shipping patterns and modes are changing very rapidly in response to changes in world economies, North American industry and consumer demands, as well as technology and economies of shipping. These changes have far-reaching impacts on port development as well as interior shipping infrastructure.





The purpose of this study is to document changes in shipping patterns, both internationally and domestically, and to determine appropriate models for evaluating the impacts of these changes on infrastructure requirements. More specifically, the study will: 1) review previous studies on container shipping with a focus on infrastructure and projections; 2) describe historical movements in world trade; 3) describe and analyze historical movements in US markets as well as the rail market and ocean shipping economies; and 4) review and critique alternative models that can be used to analyze flows, restrictions, expansion possibilities and make projections. In addition, alternatives for handling and quantifying risk will be identified.




This will commence a longer term process of determining future demands for port and infrastructural development to serve the container shipping industry.








Contract Data:




Report by William W. Wilson, Dec 31,2007 (278 KB, pdf)

Report by William W. Wilson and Eric DeVuyst, Dec 31,2007 (222 KB, pdf)

Report by William W. Wilson and Camilo Sarmiento, Dec 31,2007 (464 KB, pdf)


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Revised 23 Sep 2011

Source: Navigation Economic Technologies Program

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