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Fact Sheet

Container/Cargo Carriage Life-Cycle Costing Evaluation



Start Date:  Oct 2005

End Date:
 Sep 2007






Problem Addressed:  

Valuation of container or cargo carriage costs for unitized cargos is critical to valid assessment of capital asset costs incurred for waterborne cargo transportation. Available information indicates carriage asset costs can be significant relative to costs of other waterborne transport operations and under specific scenarios of analysis may vary with alternative vessel operating conditions uniquely attributable to waterway improvements.





Objectives for studies and research include assessment of container and wheeled carriage life-cycle economic resource costs with consideration of costs for asset acquisition, maintenance and refurbishment, and eventual scrapping and divestiture at the end of practical service life. Carriage asset costs will be further refined or adjusted based on determination of what proportion of related resource costs are applicable to inclusion in vessel operating costs based on time for alternative modal use(s) versus time employed to or during waterborne transport.




Assessment of container or carriage costs as described will provide a basis for more accurate adjustment to overall vessel operating cost estimates as applied for USACE-sponsored economic studies based on time and costs for waterborne mode of employment versus time required for land-based use of containerized transport. Applied Products: Computerized report for findings containing downloadable table(s) for costs as developed for application to waterborne transportation cost analysis.








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130465, E5070




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Revised 23 Sep 2011

Source: Navigation Economic Technologies Program

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