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The NETS research program has two primary focal points: expansion of the body of knowledge regarding the economics underlying use of waterways and harbors, and creation of a toolbox of practical planning models, methods and techniques that can be applied to a variety of situations.

The knowledge and tools developed by the NETS research program will be based on:

  • Reviews of economic theory;
  • Current best practices both within and outside of the Corps;
  • Data needs and availability; and
  • Peer recommendations.

Every NETS research activity must meet four basic standards:

  • Grounded in reality. Research activities must be based on accurate and complete data and all procedures, assumptions and conclusions must be well-documented.
  • Intuitive. The procedures, assumptions and sensitive variables underlying research activities must be reasonably transparent to users both inside and outside of the Corps.
  • Verifiable. All NETS research activities must be peer-reviewed by a panel of independent experts.
  • Transportable. NETS tools and techniques must be designed so that they can be easily applied across geographic boundaries to projects of varying sizes and scopes.

Learn more about NETS research activities currently underway and completed. Learn more about current NETS approaches in this overview (pdf, 376 KB) and from previous symposia.


Revised 20 June 2016

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