Vol IV, Issue 1  February 2008

Container Flow Model Study Released
NETS Researcher William W. Wilson, lead researcher for the “Container Model and Analysis: Longer Term Analysis of Infrastructure Demands and Risks” activity, has released a series of draft reports. Drs. William Wilson, Doug Benson, Eric DeVuyst, Camilo Sarmiento, and Mr. Bruce Dahl authored the reports. The five reports address:

  • Review of previous studies on container shipping with a focus on infrastructure and projections
  • Review of previous studies to identify the current state of knowledge about port constraints and expansion possibilities and costs
  • Description of historical movements in world container trade
  • Analysis of historical movements in U.S. container markets including an econometric analysis of container demands
  • Rail rate analysis of container shipments
  • Ocean rate analysis of container shipments
  • Model development of the design document

The purpose of this NETS activity is to document changes in shipping patterns, both internationally and domestically, and to determine appropriate models for evaluating the impacts on these changes on infrastructure requirements. This will commence a longer term process of determining future demands for port and infrastructure development to serve the container shipping industry.

Fact Sheet 
Review of Previous Studies on Container Shipping  (pdf, 272KB)
Container Demand in North American Markets (pdf, 453KB) 
Optimization Models of Container Shipments in North America (pdf, 218KB)
Analysis of Container Flows: World Trade, US Waterbourne Commerce and Rail Shipments in North American Markets (Wilson and Benson) (contains non-public data; contact Keith Hofseth for more information)
Container Shipping: Rail and Ocean Shipping Rates (Wilson and Dahl) (contains non-public data; contact Keith Hofseth for more information)

Locks and River Miles Geo-Located

The Navigation System Simulation Model (NaSS) project team recently produced longitude-latitude coordinates for the vast majority of Corps operated locks and commercially navigable rivers. These coordinates were then imported into ESRI ArcGIS Explorer, a free easy-to-use GIS viewer. The ArcGIS Explorer files and a brief users’ document are available on the NETS web site.

Fact Sheet
Instructions (pdf, 1.2MB)
Locks Only (zip, 12KB)
Locks and Rivers (zip, 259KB)

Transportation Demand and Volume
NETS Researcher Professor Wesley Wilson presented research with Kenneth Train at the Annual Transportation Research Board Meetings in January. The research reports findings on the 2006 survey of Agricultural Shippers in the Upper Midwest. The presentation dealt with the stated responses of annual shipper volumes to changes in rates, transit times and reliability.

Fact Sheet
Presentation (ppt, 556KB)
Full Report (pdf, 1.5MB)
Transportation Research Board web site
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Railroad Pricing and Waterway Competition Research Presented
Wesley Wilson presented NETS research with Kevin Henrickson of Gonzaga University at the annual meetings of the Transportation and Public Utilities Group meetings at the Allied Social Sciences Association meetings in New Orleans. This research examines railroad pricing and waterway competition. A report is under revision and expected to be released in early June.

Presentation (ppt, 691KB)
Annual Meeting web site
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Keith Hofseth Appointed Chair of PIANC Task Group
Congratulations to NETS Technical Director Keith Hofseth, who has been appointed the Chairman of PIANC Task Group 2 – Sustainable Waterbourne Commerce. Navigation transportation experts from across the globe have volunteered to develop a document for publication by PIANC on the environmental effects and advantages of waterborne transportation. The Task Group had their kick-off meeting in January 2008 and will spend 18 to 24 months on the effort. The team will broadly focus on transportation, commercial navigation, technological and regulatory changes facing the navigation industry worldwide. Keith has led the Navigation Economic Technologies (NETS) effort over the past several years.

Task Group (pdf, 20KB)

Professor Wesley Wilson Joins Editorial Board of Transport Policy

Professor Wesley Wilson has accepted an invitation to join the Editorial Board of Transport Policy. Transport Policy is an international journal aimed at bridging the gap between theory and practice in transport. Wes Wilson’s duties will include monitoring the editorial policy of the journal, refereeing papers, encouraging colleagues and peers to submit papers to the journal, and being an ambassador for the journal at conferences and events.

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