Vol III, Issue 9  September 2007

HarborSym Field Review
The HarborSym Field Review Group met at IWR September 12-13, 2007. Navigation experts from eight districts, the Planning Center of Expertise for Deep Draft Navigation, and Headquarters came together to review the design document for extending the HarborSym widening model to estimate benefits from channel deepening as well. The review group was able to share with the model developers real world concerns and considerations for any future model development.

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Simon Anderson Appointed to International Journal of Transportation Economics Editorial Board
NETS researcher Simon P. Anderson of the University of Virginia has been appointed to the Editorial Board of the International Journal of Transportation Economics. A well-known international journal, it covers research work in the field of Transport Economics. The Review is a medium of expression and comparison of theory development and formulation of fresh hypotheses interpreting complex phenomena, both economic and non-economic. Contributions of allied sciences to transport economics are reviewed, providing an expanded interpretation of reality and solutions to concrete problems. Contributors to the Review from around the world, though differing in standpoint and cultural background, are expected to maintain a rigorous standard of scientific scholarship.

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NETS Research Presented in Spain
NETS researcher Wes Wilson, PhD, working under a grant from the National Science Foundation, just returned from attending the European Association for Research in Industrial Economics conference in Valencia, Spain.  At the conference he presented research co-authored with Bruce Blonigen, also a NETS researcher.  The research addresses the effects of Trade Policy on the U.S. Steel Market.

En route, Professor Wilson also met to discuss NETS research with Heather Leggate, the Director of the London Metropolitan University's International Transport Management and Associate Editor of Maritime Policy and Management.

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Navigation System Simulation (NaSS) Report
NETS project manager Mark Lisney reports on the Navigation System Simulation (NaSS) model. The report provides a review of the status of major work items associated with the Navigation System Simulation Model. Significant progress has been made in the data development tool and the prototype basin model component. However, the effort will not be completed until FY09.

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Paper Accepted by Agricultural Economics Journal
“Impacts of Ethanol Expansion on Cropping Patterns and Grain Flows,” a paper authored by NETS researchers William W. Wilson, PhD, Won Koo, PhD, Bruce Dahl, PhD, and Richard Taylor, PhD, has been accepted for publication in the journal Review of Agricultural Economics.  The article develops a spatial optimization model based on longer-term competitive equilibrium to make projections about cropping patterns and grain shipments from individual ports. Most important among the trends are a shift in area toward corn and away from wheat, a reduction in corn exports, an increase in exports from competitor countries, and changes in domestic and international grain flows. The researchers are from the Department of Agribusiness and Applied Economics at North Dakota State University and have been working on the NETS project “Long-Term Forecasting of Commodity Flows Method with Application to Mississippi River Grains and World Trade.”

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Spatial Modeling in Transportation Presented in Italy
NETS researcher Simon Anderson presented NETS research co-authored with Wesley Wilson titled "Spatial Modeling in Transportation:  Congestion and Mode Choice" at the Kuhmo Nectar Conference and Summer School 2007 held in Urbino, Italy, July 9-13. The conference provided a platform for the exchange of knowledge and dialogue between participants. It was targeted at researchers, consultants, industry managers and practitioners, and policymakers. The summer school was primarily targeted at PhD and other students and post graduates, but also drew researchers from consultancies, government and private organizations.

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