Vol III, Issue 8  August 2007

WAM Batch Processing Program and Users Guide Available
A Beta version of the WAMBPP application and a WAMBPP Users Guide are now available for download. The WAMBPP is an application which provides an efficient means for setting up, executing, and summarizing Waterways Analysis Model simulation runs. The WAMBPP setup file and Users Guide are available on the WAM Batch Processing Program fact sheet at

Fact Sheet

HarborSym Deep Draft Field Review Group Workshop
The Planning Center for Deep Draft Navigation and IWR will host a Field Review Workshop at IWR on September 12-13, 2007. The purpose of this workshop is to obtained detailed field review comments on the approach to deepening analyses presented in the Deepening Design Document (DDD). Nine districts with significant navigation programs will be represented at the workshop. Beta version development of the HarborSym deep draft extension will commence following the workshop review.

Fact Sheet | Deepening Design Document (pdf, 387KB)


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