Vol III, Issue 5  May 2007

NETS Partnering on Ohio River Survey
The NETS team has partnered with the Planning Center of Expertise for Inland Navigation (PCXIN) to conduct a survey of Ohio River users. The survey is designed to gather information necessary to estimate shipper response to changes in waterway attributes. This survey builds on previous efforts for the Mississippi and Columbia Rivers. The results will be used by the PCXIN in their Ohio River Navigation Investment Model. The survey will begin in June and is expected to be complete early in 2008. NETS Researchers Drs. Wes Wilson and Kenneth Train will oversee the survey effort, conduct the econometric estimation and write the report on shipper response. Dr. Ken Casavant will write the survey report.

Fact Sheet

HarborSym Deep Draft Design Document to Be Reviewed
The HarborSym development team has completed its initial draft of the HarborSym Deep Draft Design Document. The document outlines the developer’s conceptual understanding of the problem and the proposed approach to software development. It also serves as a communications vehicle between the NETS team and other Corps deep draft navigation experts. The NETS team will solicit review and comments at a forthcoming workshop to be sponsored by the Planning Center of Expertise for Deep Draft Navigation. If you are interested in participating in this workshop, please contact Ken Claseman at (251) 694-3840.

Design Document (pdf, 379KB)

Professor Wesley Wilson to Continue Work with NETS
The NETS team is happy to announce that Professor Wesley Wilson has agreed to continue his work on the NETS program. Professor Wilson has been the key link between the NETS team and a cadre of academic transportation experts. For the past three years he has been an IWR employee under the Intergovernmental Personnel Act (IPA). IPA positions are restricted to three years and the current IPA contract expires in June.

Working with the University of Oregon and IWR, Professor Wilson has arranged to teach half time and work on NETS related studies half time. He will be available full time during the summer months.

Professor Wesley Wilson Bio

Professor Wesley Wilson Returns from China
Professor Wesley Wilson has returned from his trip to Chengdu, China and Hong Kong (March NETS NEWS). During his trip to Chengdu, he presented NETS research to a university-wide audience. The presentation described planning infrastructure investments, the estimation of shipper demand models and the aggregation of demand to pool and to port levels. He concluded with a discussion of how transportation demands to a port can be aggregated to form the supply of a product to a port and how this supply interacts with export demands to establish the quantities and prices at a port.

In Hong Kong, he made two presentations of NETS research at the 2nd International Forum on Policy & Management in Shipping, Ports and Airports. In the first presentation, he presented “International Trade and Port Choice.” In this body of research, new measures of port efficiency are developed and then empirically evaluated to uncover linkages to trade at a port. In the second presentation, "Spatial Economics and Planning Transportation Infrastructure," he provided a synopsis of spatial modeling, demand and linkages to trade which frames an overview of much of the work he has done under NETS.

Professor Wilson has been invited by the International Global Task Force on Port Efficiency to take part in a panel discussion in Athens Greece, July 4-7 at the annual meetings of the International Association of Maritime Economists. This is a special interest session titled “Global Container Ports Performance Benchmarking.”

2nd International Forum on Policy & Management in Shipping, Ports and Airports
     • International Trade and Port Choice:  06-NETS-01 (pdf, 516KB) | 06-NETS-11 (pdf, 471KB)
     • Spatial Economics and Planning Transportation Infrastructure: Abstract (pdf, 2.2MB)

International Association of Maritime Economists:
     • Special Interest Session: IAME2007SPECIAL_INtEREST_SESSION-planandtimeallocation1.pdf (pdf, 67MB)
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