Vol III, Issue 4  April 2007

New HarborSym Release Available
A much anticipated updated release of HarborSym (version is now available for download through the NETS website.  This version has been updated with improved draft adjustment calculations and enhanced detailed outputs, which can now be viewed directly through a Microsoft Access database.  Features have been added to the user interface to increase flexibility and navigability within the system.  With great appreciation, the HarborSym Development Team acknowledges the testing and bug reporting support provided by the USACE Galveston, Mobile, and Jacksonville Districts.  HarborSym, developed by the Institute for Water Resources under the NETS program, is a Monte Carlo simulation model for evaluating economic impacts of coastal navigation widening projects.  For more information on HarborSym, contact the development team at.

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NETS Coverage at PORTS™ 2007
The USACE Navigation Research Program, including NETS, was exhibited at the PORTS™ Conference in San Diego, California, 25-28 March 2007.  Conference attendees and participants showed great interest in ongoing Corps navigation research.  Literature and commentary was provided on the NETS program, research, and available models.  The conference, co-sponsored by the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), The Coasts, Oceans, Ports, and Rivers Institute (COPRI), and The International Navigation Association (PIANC), attracted over 700 navigation professionals from around the globe.  Sessions focused on the complex, innovative, and state-of-the-art technical aspects associated with the planning, design, construction, maintenance, and operation of worldwide port and harbor facilities.

Shana Heisey Departs for Greener Zones
NETS Researcher Shana Heisey, principal investigator on the HarborSym: Simulation Model for Deep Draft Navigation Improvements activity, will be taking the position of Project Engineer providing project management and reporting for reconstruction projects in Iraq with Stanley Baker Hill, an AE firm supporting the USACE Gulf Region Division.

Ms. Heisey has been with the Corps since 1999, IWR since 2001, and has been involved with the NETS program since its inception.  She won the Permanent International Association of Navigation Congresses' (PIANC) 2005 De Puepe-Williams Award for the U.S. section for her NETS paper “Determining Economic Efficiency of Harbors, HarborSym, An Application.”  (pdf, 1.05MB) The award is given for the most outstanding technical paper on an aspect of waterborne transport. Later in 2005, Ms. Heisey was named IWR's Technical Employee of the Year for her work as Project Manager for the HarborSym and Animation work units, as well as her primary responsibility for the ongoing development and support of IWR-Plan.

Ms. Heisey served as the Project Manager and Technical Monitor for the development and deployment of HarborSym.  Her responsibilities included providing technical direction and support on the model design, functionality, and usability.  The HarborSym Team both developed training materials and provided user support to field analysts applying the model in the field.  The team successfully developed and launched a beta version of HarborSym to conduct widening analyses on coastal harbors and has a prototype of a version to assist with deepening analyses.  She co-authored several papers that were presented at internationally recognized conferences in Brazil, France, and Portugal.

Ms. Heisey’s permanent duty station will be Boston, MA, but she will periodically rotate into Baghdad’s International Zone to provide onsite support.


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