Vol III, Issue 1  January 2007

Forecasting of Agricultural Commodities Modeled
NETS Researchers William W. Wilson, PhD, Eric DeVuyst, PhD, Skip Taylor, PhD, Bruce Dahl, PhD, and Won Koo, PhD, all of North Dakota State University, developed a spatial optimization model of world grain trade to forecast shipments through the Mississippi River system. Relative costs of production, interior shipping, handling and ocean shipping costs all have an impact on trade and competitiveness of the interior logistical systems. Changes in the variable costs of any of these impact the international distribution of grains and oilseeds, and shipments through the U.S. waterways.

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Continued Research into Decisions of Agricultural Shippers
Upper Mississippi and Illinois Transportation Demands for Agricultural Products, a report by Kenneth Train, PhD, University of California at Berkeley, and Wesley W. Wilson, PhD, University of Oregon and Institute for Water Resources, continues the line of research introduced by the NETS program examining the structure of transportation demands for use in planning models. Both revealed data and stated preference data were used. Two other features captured in the study that are not common in current transportation demand studies are: (1) an analysis of destination choices of agricultural shippers and (2) the use of a mixed logit model.

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Standing Room Only at the American Economics Association Meeting
Wes Wilson, standing in for Keith Hofseth, presided over a standing-room only crowd at the American Economics Association meeting on January 5, 2007. “Spatial Modeling, Discrete Choices and the Costs and Benefits of Transportation Network Improvements” presenters included NETS Researchers Drs. Kenneth Train, Wesley W. Wilson, Simon Anderson, Bruce Blonigen, Joseph Cook, Charles Plott, and Kenneth Boyer. Presentations will be featured in a future edition of NETS News.

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NETS News Celebrates Its Third Year
This issue marks the beginning of NETS News third year in publication. The newsletter covers news about NETS researchers, NETS studies and activities, training, and presentations at meetings and conferences. Each issue presents 3 to 4 stories, for a total of 46 stories in each of the preceding years, all of which are available on the NETS web site. If you have a story about a NETS researcher or NETS News presented at meetings or conferences, send it to John Singley at.

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