Vol III, Issue 10  October 2007

HarborSym Presented at Port Development and Coastal Environment Conference
NETS Technical Director Keith Hofseth presented the HarborSym model to the Fourth International Scientific Conference – Port Development and Coastal Environment in Varna, Bulgaria. The presentation covered “Planning Level Simulation Modeling of Channel Improvements.” Sixty representatives from 15 countries presented over 40 studies on varying aspects of Port Development and Coastal protection.  The conference took place 25-28 September 2007 and was hosted by the Black Sea Coastal Association.

HarborSym: Fact Sheet | Paper (pdf, 401KB) | Presentation (ppt, 3.09MB)

NETS Program Presented at Smart Rivers Conference and Inland Navigation CoP Workshop
Professor Wes Wilson presented a summary of the NETS program at both the Smart Rivers Conference and the Inland Navigation Community of Practice Workshop in Louisville, Kentucky. The Smart Rivers Conference, held September 16-19, 2007, was attended by over 200 people from Europe and the U.S. The Inland Navigation Community of Practice Workshop followed the Smart Rivers Conference in Louisville on September 19-20. It was attended by approximately 50 inland navigation analysts from the Corps and other organizations.

Smart Rivers Conference: Web Site (pdf, 787KB)Presentation  (ppt, 1.74MB)
PIANC: Web Site

Inland Navigation Community of Practice: Presentation (ppt, 1.66MB) | Navigation Gateway | Infrastructure Gateway

Navigation System Simulation Model Presented at CoP Workshop
NETS Researcher Mark Lisney presented aspects of the Navigation System Simulation Model (NaSS) during the Inland Navigation Community of Practice Workshop in Louisville, Kentucky on September 20, 2007. Mr. Lisney described the process used by the NaSS team to convert the LPMS data warehouse schema and data to the "NaSS Schema and data". For the first time, nationwide LPMS data is available in a standard desktop PC format!

Navigation System Simulation Model: Fact Sheet | Presentation  (ppt, 453KB)
Inland Navigation Community of Practice: Navigation Gateway | Infrastructure Gateway


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