Vol II, Issue 7  July 2006

2007 TRB 86th Annual Meeting: Paper Submissions Now Being Accepted
TRB is now accepting papers for consideration as part of the program for the TRB 86th Annual Meeting, January 21-25, 2007, in Washington, D.C. All papers are due by August 1, 2006 and must be submitted via  TRB's website You are leaving a Federal Government web site. Click this icon for more information..

Authors planning to submit papers now can receive password-controlled, limited web access to individual papers published in the Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board (TRR Journal) since 1996. Access will be provided after submission of an abstract for a paper via the paper submission website. This feature allows authors access to the latest research in their areas of interest.

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NETS Team Members Present at PIANC conference
NETS team members made presentations at the 31st International Navigation Association (PIANC) Congress in Estoril, Portugal.  PIANC is a worldwide nonprofit organization of individuals, corporations and national governments. PIANC is concerned with the planning, design, construction, improvement, maintenance and operation of inland and maritime waterways, ports and coastal areas including facilities for fisheries, sport and recreational navigation.   

Keith Hofseth of IWR presented an overview of the entire NETS program. Dr. Richard Males of RMM Technical Services presented aspects of the HarborSym model. A poster presentation on animation and visualization was presented by Cory Rogers of CDM and Shana Heisey of IWR.

NETS Overview Paper | Visualization Paper | Vessel Driven Movements Paper

Bruce Lambert’s Presentation at the North American Transportation Statistics Interchange
In June, Mr. Bruce Lambert made a presentation at the North American Transportation Statistics Interchange meeting.  The attendees consisted of government data program managers and specialists from across the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. 

Mr. Lambert spoke on the problems associated with federal data programs, from the points of both data collection and data users.  He then discussed some of the models being developed under the NETS program, and how these models ultimately depend upon the quality of the available information.


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