Vol II, Issue 5  May 2006

International Trade, Transportation Networks and Port Choice
In a paper published this month, NETS researchers Bruce Blonigen, PhD and Wesley Wilson, PhD of the University of Oregon develop a model of port choice and trading volumes. The model estimates the impact of ocean transport rates, efficiency of U.S. ocean ports, and internal transport systems on port choice and trade volume over sample trade flows between over 150 foreign countries and the top U.S. ports for the period from 1991 through 2003. Unlike previous studies, this paper’s analysis finds a significant role for an individual port’s efficiency in determining its share of activity, with estimates ranging from 0.8 to 2.0 depending on the empirical specification used. 

Fact Sheet | Paper (pdf, 174KB)

Deep Draft Vessel Geometries
In a report from researcher Jennifer Waters of the Department of Naval Engineering and Ocean Engineering at the United States Naval Academy, the effects of a variety of detailed vessel hull geometries are explored to support testing, validation, and use of the U.S. Army Corps program CADET (Channel Analysis and Design Evaluation Tool). A total of one hundred sixty four (164) real, presently or recently operational vessels were collected for use with the channel design program and associated research.

Fact Sheet | Report (pdf, 4.0MB)

Planning Community of Practice Conference 2006
The NETS Team continued its outreach to targeted users of its products last week at the Planning Community of Practice Conference in San Francisco, California. Featured at its booth were a table-top display and brochures illustrating the program, as well as samples of newly issued NETS reports and a live connection to the NETS web site.

NETS Bookshelf Reports: Take a New Look
The Institute for Water Resources has re-issued many of the NETS Bookshelf Reports with new report numbers and a new look. The reports are available through the NETS website and include basic information about each activity and team, as well as downloadable resources. The reports are in the process of being added to the IWR publications database and will soon be searchable.

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