Vol II, Issue 12 December 2006

NETS Team Member Returns from Iraq
Shana Heisey recently returned to the Institute for Water Resources and her role as a Navigation Economist supporting the NETS program after a one-year tour of duty with the Corps of Engineers in Iraq.  Shana worked in the Capacity Development Office of the Gulf Region Division Headquarters in Baghdad’s International Zone. Her duties included coordination with Department of State, USAID, other USG agencies and the Iraqi Ministry of Finance in the management of the Asset Recognition and Transfer Program to develop procedures that will enable the successful transfer of the $18.3 billion reconstruction program to the government of Iraq.  During her tour she also managed the USACE personal services contract that provided technical engineering support of over 300 Iraqi professionals throughout the country, comprising one-third of the Division workforce.  She returns to IWR to continue work on the HarborSym model, including a deepening version anticipated in FY07. Ms. Heisey received The Superior Award for Civilian Service in recognition of her contributions to the GRD Capacity Development Program during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

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NETS Team Meets with Food and Agricultural Policy Research Institute Researchers
On 12 December researchers from the Food and Agricultural Policy Research Institute (FAPRI) at University of Missouri met with the NETS Technical Director, Keith Hofseth, and other NETS team members to share ongoing research initiatives.  Dr. Stephen Fuller from Texas A&M University provided an overview of his spatial model of grain transportation rates on the Upper Mississippi and Illinois Rivers transportation corridors.  Drs. Seth Meyer and John Kruse of FAPRI detailed their recent locking study conducted on the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers.  The results of these studies were complementary to those of various NETS investigations and the meeting highlighted areas of potential collaboration between the two programs.  In addition, the FAPRI researchers provided a preview of the forthcoming 2007 U.S. and World Agricultural Outlook, which provides 10-year projections of agricultural production, consumption and trade.  More information on FAPRI and their research programs can be located on their website:

NETS Products Receive International Exposure
In recent weeks, NETS researcher Bruce Lambert has made several NETS related presentations. One presentation at the SOBEAN Conference in Rio de Janeiro discussed models developed by the Institute for Water Resources, including NETS models.  Mr. Lambert also spoke on the application of NETS models to the Brazilian Government Ministry of Transportation and the Hidrovia Program in Argentina. 

NETS Team Presents at Transportation Research Board Meeting
Dr. Frank Southworth and Bruce Lambert will present "Development of a Regional Routing Model for Strategic Waterway Analysis" at the Transportation Research Board Meeting in January.  The poster presentation will occur during Session 654 - Freight Transportation Data Session Location.  The poster session will be held at the Shoreham Hotel in Washington D.C. in the Blue Room Foyer, Wednesday, January 24, 2007, from 9:30am-12:00pm.  Please stop by and discuss the paper with the authors.

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