Vol I, Issue 6 June 2005

Study Analyzes Columbia-Snake River Transportation Demands
Washington State University researchers Dr. Ken Casavant and Dr. Eric Jessup, have released the final draft of a NETS study examining the demand for transportation along the Columbia-Snake River system in the Pacific Northwest.

The goal of the researchers was to develop and implement a shipper survey instrument that had the capability to provide estimates of pool level demands and also would allow specific criticisms of previous Corps planning models to be assessed.

Two groups were surveyed. The first was composed of grain elevator businesses in the state of Washington, licensed with the State of Washington Department of Agriculture and listed in its Public Grain Warehouses and Grain Dealers publication. These 78 businesses totaled 414 individual warehouses and locations. The second group consisted of 89 non grain businesses located at the ten different ports located on the Snake and Columbia Rivers.

The survey examined six areas: shipping characteristics; shipment decisions; transportation rate; transit time; reliability; and warehouse characteristics.

Fact Sheet | Paper (pdf, 511 KB)

Deep Draft Navigation Field Review Group Initiated
The first NETS Deep Draft Navigation Field Review Group (FRG) meeting was held June 16-17. The FRG was coordinated with Ken Claseman, the Deputy Director of the Deep Draft Navigation Planning Center of Expertise in the Corps South Atlantic Division. Deep Draft experts from six Corps districts--Portland, Los Angeles, Mobile, New Orleans, Buffalo and Norfolk--participated. The purpose of the FRG meeting was to initiate a District Center-DDPCX-IWR link to help guide the NETS research effort and to facilitate technology transfer.

NETS Research Presented to UMR-IWW Economic Coordination Committee
On May 3 NETS Technical Director Keith Hofseth presented an overview of the NETS research program to the Upper Mississippi River-Illinois Waterway (UMR-IWW) Economic Coordination Committee in Davenport, Iowa. The committee consists of representatives from federal and state agencies as well as industry trade groups.

NETS Team News
Dr. Wesley Wilson of the University of Oregon will continue his lead role with the NETS program during the coming academic year. His Interagency Personnel Agreement has been renewed for 2005-2006.

John Singley of the Institute for Water Resources has assumed responsibility for management of the administrative details of the NETS program, freeing Keith Hofseth to focus his leadership on the program's research objectives as its Technical Director. John and Keith can be reached at.

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